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When grading saffron the most determinant factors contributing to the quality of the end product are:
  • Colour (crocine)
  • Flavour (picorocine)
  • Aroma (safranel)
The higher the levels of these three result in the higher quality of saffron.

The ISO has set a classification of saffron based on minimum requirements of each quality called ISO 3632.
Within this classification, they established 4 categories:

  • IV (lowest),
  • III, II and I (purest and finest saffron quality)

Below are Persian's Saffron basic classifications:

Grade A (Sargol) This is the one and only grade that we offer at Saffron Only's Gift Range!
  • Highest quality
  • Strong stigmas
  • Highest power in colouring (above 250 USP)
  • No broken threads
  • Lowest moisture and floral waste amount
  • Only has pure and fine stigmas.
Persian Saffron Sargol is made up of red stigmas which have been carefully cut and separated after drying.
Stigmas that are cut this way give maximum natural dye, aroma and flavour in baking and cooking.
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Grade B (Thread or Pushal)
  • High grade stigmas
  • High power colouring (above 225 USP)
  • Floral waste is about 2-5% (m/m)
  • Most popular kind of saffron in Iran