Our Story

Whilst saffron has long been a valuable traded commodity in other parts of the world, the true value of the spice has been relatively unknown to Australians. Saffron Only was born out of respect for quality Persian saffron and with the aim to share the health benefits and versatile cooking opportunities of saffron with Sydney-siders, Saffron Only was established in 2013.

We are passionate about saffron, and saffron only! With a foot firmly planted in Iran and the other in Sydney, Saffron Only has a strong understanding of the production, quality and export of the crop, and so we are honoured to present the best quality organic saffron fresh from the world's saffron capital, Qaenat. We offer a wide range of authentic Persian packaging for you to share at home, with friends and family, as a gift for your loved ones, or in your restaurant for customers and clients.
Differentiating authentic, organic and pure saffron from lower grade products is no simple task, but we are committed to ensuring we have the highest quality product and have partnered up with the best, Tarvand Factory, to get you only the finest of this red gold. Our factory owns the whole process from harvesting to drying and packing.
You wont need to pay an arm and a leg for just a pinch of organic saffron anymore because by bringing it to you directly from the farm in Qaen, Saffron Only shaves away the excess and offers the best price, making the amazing spice accessible to you and your loved ones.
At Saffron Only we hope to help you to turn your ordinary everyday dish, drink or desert into an exotic one.
Discover the unique scent and flavour of saffron!

Noushe-jan! نوش جان
May your soul be nourished!

Our farm and factory in Iran in partnership with Tarvand Saffron